Noor Kamerbeek

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“Music, Writing and Art are a never ending exploration, full of inspiration and satisfaction.”

Noor Kamerbeek (The Hague, 29-4-1957) is a professional flutist, music programmer & producer, author of texts on music and short (children)stories.
From 2011, Noor Kamerbeek is taking lessons in classical drawing & painting (a.o. Corne Akkers) and moulding techniques for bronze sculptures (Guido Sprenkels).
Since 2014, she works in her own studio in Voorburg.

Noor Kamerbeek studied flute with Abbie de Quant, Adriaan Bonsel and Koos Verheul, obtaining her Master’s degree with highest marks in 1982 at the Amsterdam Sweelinck Conservatoire. Between 1978 and 1981 she was a member of the ECYO (with a.o. Claudio Abbado and Herbert von Karajan as its first conductors). From 1981 to 1991 she was solo flutist of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, touring worldwide and performing on prize-winning CD recordings.
From 1992 onwards she has been freelancing with many international orchestras and chamber music ensembles and, from 1994, also began performing as soloist on a historical wooden Boehm flute (Schreiber 1895, new embouchure made by Jan Hoving).
She premiered compositions specially written for her by Leo Samama and in 2010, she premiered the Concerto ‘Het Zielebladje’ with The Netherlands Chamber Choir, written for her by the French composer Patrick Burgan.

From 1992 Noor Kamerbeek has developed her role as a versatile music programmer, researcher and writer for concert venues and radio (Dutch National Broadcast Company VARA: ‘Early Birds’: 1994-2005 & Composer of the Week: 2007-‘14; NPS, ‘Vincent after Midnight’: 2003-‘05). She co-initiated the chamber music series Raadhuisconcerten Hilversum (1995-2003), was assistant-programmer for the first season of the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ (2005-06) and founded the Huygens Musicfestival (2007-’12).
In 2006 she was co-founder of the Fluteoctet BlowUp!, and became its music-programmer.

She published program notes, interviews and reviews about music and wrote in 2006 the Jubilee book for the Orlando Festival. In that same year she made her creative writers debut with a short story. In 2015 she published her first childrensbook Matilda and Little Fish which is also made into a storytelling concert with live-drawings and music by Dominy Clements.
She is working on a selection of texts written for Composer of the Week.

(Voorburg, March 2015)